Tiny Love - Sunny Stroll Take-Along Arch

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The Tiny Love Sunny Stroll! A colorful flexible stroller/infant carrier arch, with lots of funshine toys and activities, for two stages of baby's development: batting (0-3m) and pulling/manipulating (3m+). Special angle adjustments and new easy attachment clips make Sunny Stroll trully unique.

- Baby activated propeller
- Transparent sun prism
- Rattling butterfly ball with crinkly texture
- Flower mirror
- Crinkly butterfly
- Flexible arch with angle adjustment
- Easy attachment clips

Developmental Values

The Senses
- The Sunny Stroll arch stimulates your baby’s vision with its colorful toys swaying in front of his eyes and other visual stimuli on the arch itself (the sun and the birds on the plastic wings).
- The crinkle and rattle sounds stimulate hearing.
- The various materials and fabrics (different types of plastic and selection of fabric textures) stimulate touch.

Fine Motor Skills
- The toys hanging in front of your baby’s eyes, and later on, the attractive toys on the arch, encourage him to reach out and bat at them causing them to swing, and later to catch them and play with them
- At first (during the second and third months) this action is random, as he reaches out his arms, your baby randomly touches the toy in front of him causing it to move. Gradually, as control of his arms improves, he begins to deliberately reach for the toy and bat it and later to hold it.
- As he grows, he learns to play with the toys on the arch – to pull, roll, twist, and rub them. In this way, he develops hand-eye coordination and control of his fingers.

Gross Motor Skills
- Babies are in fact born without any control of their limbs. In the beginning, your baby strengthens his arm muscles as they flay about randomly. As he reaches randomly with his hands, he touches the toy hanging in front of him, causing it to move. This outcome encourages him to continue trying, strengthening his muscles in the process.

The arch contributes to your baby’s understanding of the link between his actions and the various effects produced (cause & effect):
- He learns that when he hits a toy hanging in front of him, it sways.
- He learns that he can make the propeller spin by pulling the ball as well as by directly spinning. In addition, he learns the link between spinning the propeller and the movement caused at its center.
- The toy stimulates your baby’s curiosity, encouraging him to explore and to understand the link between his actions and the feedback he receives.

Ages 0 to 10 months

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