Micro - Mini T-Bar Deluxe Scooter

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The Mini T-Bar Deluxe Scooter!

The original award-winning Mini Micro has taken the world by storm. Seeking the advice of medical experts, Micro came up with a design that guarantees safety while helping the child’s development skills. The unique “lean-and-steer” T-bar steering mechanism is an ideal way for a child to learn how to balance. Its two front wheels resist the tendency to tip over when going around corners. Both lightweight yet extremely robust, the Mini Micro is the perfect first scooter. It's a smooth and graceful ride, giving kids the confidence to make rapid progress.

The new deluxe version now comes with adjustable handlebar and new weight allowance allows your child to grow with the scooter.

Video - Mini Micros in action


  • Unique 'lean-and-steer' mechanism
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Increased rider weight limit of 35 kg
  • Great stability - Low to ground
  • Protective anodised stem
  • Unique deck with raised silicone Micro grip
  • Tough PU wheels for extra durability and smooth ride
  • Brake
  • Lightweight (~2 kg)
  • Detachable T-bar for easy storage
  • 6 months local warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Voted best toy of 2016

Max. Weight Load: 35kg
Weight of Scooter: 1.99 kg
Handlebar Height: 48cm to 68cm

Recommended for Ages 2-5.

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