Medela - Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump! Medela Harmony is a manual pump so it does not require electricity or batteries for operation and is almost silent. Its smooth operation will pleasantly surprise you when you start pumping. This is a very lightweight pump that does not take up much room in a handbag.

Medela Harmony’s ergonomic design is intuitive and allows for very easy use. It is very simple to take apart and clean. The handle on the Medela Harmony manual breast pump has been designed to twist, so you can always get the best angle to pump the milk without having to move your arms into an uncomfortable position. The lever has a nice, soft rubber cover that makes pumping a little easier on your hands and helps the pump operate quietly.

Medela Harmony is one of the few manual pumps in the world featuring 2-Phase Expression technology. The breast pump simulates the natural baby sucking behaviour at the mother's breast. The 2-Phase design simply means that to stimulate let down (when your milk begins to flow) you begin pumping with the shorter side of the pump’s handle which creates a faster sucking cycle, similar to that of a hungry baby. Once milk starts to flow, you switch to the longer side of the handle which creates a slower sucking cycle to express the majority of your milk.

  • Efficient - More milk in less time, thanks to our 2-Phase Expression Technology
  • Individual - ideal for occasional manual pumping
  • Comfortable - the ergonomic handle enables comfortable pumping
  • Easy - simple to assemble, use and clean
  • Mobility - This lightweight allows you to extract efficiently and discreetly everywhere you are
  • Also includes the Calma Solitaire breastmilk feeding device. Designed to mimic baby's natural feeding pattern making the transition from breast to bottle and back to breast easier

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