Frequently Asked Questions

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Pre-loved F.A.Q

Q: What is a pre-loved product?

A pre-loved product is an item that has been previously owned and/or lovingly used by another child or parent.


Q: What are the benefits of buying pre-loved items?

Pre-loved items offer parents a variety of choices at affordable prices. You will be able to get a similar pre-loved item at a reduced cost and, at the same time, help to conserve the environment resources through re-using pre-loved items.


Q: Why should I trade in my pre-loved items?

If your child has outgrown or outplayed his or her clothes and toys, or if you have run out of storage at home, trade-in your pre-loved items to:

  • Share your love and allow these items to be re-used by other kids.
  • Do your part towards the environmental conservation for Mother Earth and for the benefit of future generations.
  • Get some value back from your purchases. DearBaby offers reasonable prices for your items, so give us a try.


Q: Why should I buy or trade-in my pre-loved items with DearBaby™ instead of doing it online or selling it through consignment?

As a seller, you would have to advertise your item online or find a store that accepts consignments, then wait and worry about whether or not your item will find a buyer. As a buyer, you would have to make an appointment with the online seller to inspect the item. This will take up both your time and effort with no guarantees of getting the things you need or value for the stuff you want to get rid of. And did everyone remember to add up the transport costs of all those trips that you will be making?

At DearBaby™, however, there are:

  1. No Waiting - We offer you BabyDollars™ upfront, so your items are bought over by us there and then.
  2. No Worries - We provide you the option to preview and physically check out a whole range of pre-loved items at one go.
  3. No Hassles - We save you the hassle of having to coordinate an online trade which could go ‘wrong’ in many ways more than one. (Trust us on this, but no one is stopping you if you would like to try it out. In fact, let us know if you need help…)
  4. More Value - BabyDollars™ membership privileges that is non-existent for private individual trades.


Q: In what condition are the pre-loved items?

DearBaby™ only accepts pre-loved items that we would want our own children to wear or use. All items are displayed at our store, so you can see and feel our goods (the actual thing) before buying. We have a stringent criteria when taking in pre-loved items; they have to be washed and cleaned, we will check on the quality, cleanliness and functionality of the pre-loved item before putting it on sale. Where applicable, we will cleanse pre-loved products with child friendly food-grade cleansers ourselves to be doubly sure that it is clean.


Q: What kind of pre-loved products should I get for my child?

There are many types of pre-loved products that you can get for your child. It ranges from toys and educational aids to clothes and apparels. We recommend using a mix of pre-loved products for most of these except for feeding and safety equipment.

New Stuff F.A.Q

Q: Why does DearBaby™ carry new stuff as well?

While we recognise the advantages of using pre-loved items for our kids, we do not deny that there is a limitation to the ‘lifespan’ of any pre-loved item. Buying new stuff is simply a natural and essential process to generate pre-loved items. The essence of what we are doing, however, goes towards providing the additional options for parents.

In DearBaby™, we believe that freedom of choice goes a long way. So grab that latest version of ride-on if you cannot find a pre-loved one that you like or you just have to own it now. And forget about that piece of pre-loved romper if you are simply uncomfortable with it. After all, you can still share you love by trading in your gently-used stuff when they are no longer needed.

Trade-in F.A.Q

Q: What are appropriate pre-loved items that DearBaby™ accepts?

In general, we accept across a range of quality baby gears, toys, clothes, apparels and educational media for children 5 years and younger. Please refer to our Wanted/Wish List for the latest categories of products that we are accepting.


Q: Will DearBaby™ accept any and all pre-loved item?

We do not accept any and all pre-loved items. We do not accept items such as bottles, plates, utensils, and others due to safety, hygiene and business considerations. From time to time, we will only look for specific pre-loved products to buy-in due to space and business considerations. We also reserve the right not to buy-in any pre-loved items that do not meet our criteria of quality, cleanliness, and functionality. Please refer to our Trade-in Guide for more details.


Q: Why can’t DearBaby™ offer me a higher price for my trade-in?

First, we will like to thank you for offering to share your love with others. We hope to seek your understanding that DearBaby™ is always doing its best to offer you the most reasonable price it can afford. The margins that we earn goes towards covering operations costs such as rental, utilities, overheads and of course, a little something for ourselves, so that we can continue to provide the pre-loved resale service that we feel will benefit many others.